What you need to do immediately after buying a used car: the procedure


Putting the car in order

After all the documents for the car are prepared, you can start improving its technical characteristics. It is desirable to do this immediately so that in the future minor breakdowns do not lead to serious accidents and do not require large financial investments.

Even if the seller assures you that everything is fine with the car, it is better to be safe and replace some parts and consumables with new ones. This will make driving on the roads more comfortable and safe.
Oil change

In a used car, it is necessary to change the lubricant. At the same time, it is recommended to use the same brand of oil that was used before. You can check it with the former owner of the car.

In this matter, you should not save money and use detergent additives. They often lead to oil seal leaks. It is recommended to use only high-quality lubricants. It is necessary to fill the oil only after draining the old liquid and flushing the engine.
Updating consumables

To avoid problems with the operation of the car, it is recommended to replace the fuel, cabin and air filters, as well as candles and battery. It is necessary to change these elements even if they visually look satisfactory. Especially serious attention should be paid to the condition of the braking system. You can evaluate its quality yourself by driving the car onto the lift. However, it is better to entrust the inspection of the braking system to professionals.

Another important detail on which the safety of driving will depend is the tires. Be sure to find out the date of their release - it is indicated on the tires. If the tires are more than 4-5 years old, they should be replaced with new ones.
Checking the airbags

This aspect needs to be given increased importance. The driver's life depends on the proper operation of the airbags in case of an accident. It is important to remember that these are disposable devices that must be replaced after activation. Most car owners, when putting a car up for sale, in order to save on installing new airbags, put plugs in their place.

You can check the proper functioning of these systems at a specialized car dealership. If there are triggered airbags, car mechanics will replace them with new ones. The procedure is not cheap, but it is recommended to go through it immediately after buying a used car. Your safety while driving on the roads will directly depend on this.
Interior tightening

Before selling a used car, the owners try to bring the car interior into proper presentation. However, in most cases this is done superficially - only very noticeable damage is sheathed.

If you are not satisfied with such a cosmetic repair, it is worth performing a complete re-fitting of the interior. After that, the car will look like new. In addition, the interior design will match the aesthetic tastes of the owner.

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