Are modern cars worse than old ones?


Many motorists will agree that better cars were produced before. Maintenance was required less frequently, it was cheaper, and the quality of individual elements and components was higher. Today, even the “renowned” brand does not guarantee that the car will serve its owner faithfully. Why does this happen, and in general, is it true?
The main problems in new cars

Let's look at the main reasons why new cars can be considered “weaker” than old ones.

     Hull strength. In pursuit of efficiency and manufacturability, manufacturers are making the housings and the structure itself more fragile. The rigid body structure of older cars creates an increased sense of safety and reliability.
     Robotic gearboxes. They have design features that cause them to fail quite quickly, especially in modern travel conditions in traffic jams and on busy sections of the road.
     Housing coating. The paints that automakers now use are water-soluble. This was done to take care of the environment, but this paint is not resistant to mechanical damage. Scratches appear, then rust. The car ages faster.
     Engine. Previously, power units could be repaired many times using individual auto parts. Moreover, such engines were more durable than modern ones.
     Durability and comfort of the chassis. Old cars often have a rather complex suspension, designed primarily for low-quality roads. Thanks to this, the car could more easily endure pits and potholes, while modern cars are designed to drive on good asphalt. The pendants have a simple design, this is made for ease of assembly. Thus, old cars, adapted to bad roads, “survive” much longer than new ones.
     Service dependency. Previously, drivers could carry out many car repair and maintenance operations themselves, so to speak, in a garage environment. It’s hard to imagine a modern service without high-tech scanners and testers for diagnostics, and sometimes even replacing the simplest spare part for a car takes much longer, requires special knowledge and is more expensive.
     Inability to purchase parts separately. Previously, spare parts for foreign and domestic cars could be purchased and replaced, rather than completely updating the entire assembly unit. Therefore, repairing old cars was cheaper.
     Quality finish. In modern cars, a material such as plastic is widely used, which is sprayed to give it the appearance of metal. The fittings of old cars are better in this regard - they were made of steel and durable galvanic coating. On new cars, trim parts quickly peel off, break and become unusable.
     Plastic. Headlights with plastic caps quickly become scratched, become cloudy, and change color. Radiators made of plastic and aluminum also cannot withstand long-term loads. Previously, so much of this material was not used, so cars lasted longer.

What is the reason?

All of the above points lead to the car breaking down faster. The automakers themselves do not deny this; of course, they do not directly talk about the low quality of the car, but just look at the warranty periods and everything becomes clear. For example, for expensive German foreign cars it is, on average, 2 years, and for Korean models - 5 years. Everything is closely connected with the economy - it is simply not profitable for manufacturers to produce cars that will not break down. Their maximum is to “hold out” until the warranty period, since during this period repairs are carried out at the company’s expense. After a few years, the driver will have to spend money on expensive repairs, the need for which often arises through no fault of his own. As in the smartphone market, you have to pay for rich functionality, fashionable design and modernity with more frequent repairs and quick replacement of the gadget.

Also, such a phenomenon as a decrease in the quality of modern cars is associated with the fact that in the 70s marketers appeared who actively studied demand. Now they are the ones who control what cars should be created so that there is demand for new models. The reliability of cars has decreased, and many modern cars can no longer boast of high mileage.

Most car owners are simply not familiar with the “old car industry” and take this situation for granted. We will advise you to treat your cars with care so as not to aggravate your situation. Just monitor the condition of the main components of the car, provide proper care for it, operate it wisely and buy high-quality auto parts. Then your iron horse will serve you for a long time!

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