How do I buy a car with "real" mileage?


The runs are twisted, an ordinary person cannot identify the catch, the car is actually bought with a smaller reserve of resource, while it costs like cars with a lower original mileage. At RDM-Import, we have been fighting with twisted mileage for a long time, finding out the original odometer readings, but so far we have still come across cars where mileage is not real. We admit it, but we declare it honestly.

But now we are making a statement that we have finally reorganized, and now all possible cases with the appearance of twisted runs are excluded.
Now you won't find twisted runs in our showroom!

Until a certain time, it was almost impossible to find out the actual mileage. Only by indirect signs. For example, the pedals, if they are erased, then the mileage is high. Or the steering wheel, the story is the same. If he was changing clothes, then there may also be suspicions. Someone feels the brake discs and draws conclusions, but the discs can be sharpened, changed, etc. Sometimes the interior of the car also allows you to draw some conclusions about the mileage.

At the same time, there are cars whose interior materials are of such high quality that you will not be able to determine anything from them.

What is the most accurate way to find out the real mileage of the car now?

No one will give a 100% guarantee yet, but nevertheless. For example, when a car passes a technical inspection, the documents always indicate the mileage of the car at the time of passing the maintenance. Accordingly, there is a history, a database. Of course, it is necessary to try to identify approximately the real mileage in the cabin.

But now there are also ways that allow you to learn a lot about the car for a little money. For example, there is an Autocode website, I already talked about it in one of the previous issues, but it makes sense to repeat it. This site works more on cars from the Moscow region and St. Petersburg, but as we know, most used cars are brought to the regions for sale from there.

If you are looking for a car on popular sites such as drom or auto.Ru, then you can check the car there too. For example, a car.<url> draws information from the car code, and drom has recently launched its service for checking the history of the car.

From these examples, we can see that the mileage of the car could have been 100 a year ago, and now it is 70.

Also, thanks to certain programs, you can sometimes see what was done on the body.

Friends, I would like to add, do not believe the sellers' statements that the car is the 5th in the family and went only on holidays. This happens in 1 case out of 1000, be sure to check! After all, the more mileage, the more money the overbought has for interior remodeling, dry cleaning, steering wheel tightening, etc. The car will become more beautiful, but in general it will not become better. And at the same time, how can you trust people further, if already at the start the relationship begins with deception, then everything can only get worse.

Of course, it's up to you to decide, but our car dealership has been struggling with this for a long time, and now we can say with confidence that it's definitely over.

Each incoming car is necessarily checked by a lawyer for all possible databases, the lawyer reports only to the founder, which means that he will not be pressured by any of the employees in order to distort the real data, including mileage.

The car is also checked at its own diagnostic complex for the technical part.

In addition to the mandatory checks mentioned above, the founder issued an order, and everyone signed it. Its essence is as follows: If at least one car with twisted mileage is found that leaks into our showroom, the head of the purchase department, lawyer, head of the service department, and managers who are associated with this will be suspended with subsequent dismissal, and the supplier will be permanently excluded from the list of partners. This is not a joke.

We sell honest cars.

Friends, the goal of the RDM-Import company is to create a civilized market for the sale of motor vehicles. Without deception, humiliation and rudeness.

A market where the seller is not afraid to look into the eyes of the buyer, and the relationship is built on mutual respect and benefit.

Join our goal, together we will make this area more honest, simpler and clearer.

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