How to identify counterfeit motor oils + 10 best manufacturers


Motor oil requires regular replacement, which means it is one of the main consumables. Technical fluid is quite expensive, and the performance of the engine and its performance characteristics depend on its quality. By using counterfeit goods, the car owner risks damaging the engine. At the same time, he may not even realize that he is holding a fake. How to determine the authenticity of an oil, as well as which manufacturers are considered the best on the market - read further in our article.
Basic signs of protection

Since unscrupulous manufacturers can counterfeit absolutely any brand of oil, even the most well-known brand may turn out to be counterfeit. But major motor oil companies are doing everything they can to ensure customer safety. To do this, they use different signs by which authenticity can be determined:

     QR codes that are placed on labels;
     Stickers with holographic patterns;
     Stamps on the lids of a canister or bottle;
     Unique codes under erasable layer.

You can punch the QR code on the official websites of manufacturers such as, for example, Castrol, Mobil, Motul or Shell. If the number appears in the database without problems, then everything is in order. If the service does not find it or gives an error, you should not buy such motor oil.

Another option is to punch the barcode of the product. These lines with numbers encrypt the code of the country where the production is located, the code of the manufacturer itself and the product itself. There are online services on the Internet where you can check a barcode using your phone camera. But this method is not as popular and accurate as in the case of a QR code.
Other distinctive features

To buy motor oil, it is recommended to contact large stores with a good reputation, which purchase their goods through trusted suppliers and are not interested in reducing product prices. In these stores, any buyer can view the certificates; they often receive them from the auto chemical manufacturers themselves. This confirms that this outlet sells only original products.

Visual inspection is an equally important component. A canister with branded oil will be of high quality:

     Smooth seams;
     Smooth surface of the canister, without grain;
     Volumetric elements can be clearly felt tactilely;
     The labels are glued evenly;
     Text and images are clear;
     The presence of identification marks, which we discussed in the first section.

It is also necessary to check production dates and bottling dates. Since large factories produce large batches, which are immediately distributed to retail outlets, the difference between these dates should be small (up to 1 month).

By the way, these rules are also relevant in relation to transmission oils and power steering fluids.
TOP 10 best motor oil manufacturers

ZIC is a well-known premium brand originally from South Korea. It produces not only motor oils, but also other auto chemicals.

The GENERAL MOTORS brand is part of the large company General Motors Corporation, founded in the USA.

One of the oldest and most famous companies in the petrochemical market. An interesting fact from the history of the brand - it all started with a tiny store that sold seashells. Today, the company produces oil and gas, transports them, has a network of its own gas stations and creates petrochemical products, including motor oils. But the logo, a seashell, has remained since those ancient times and is the most recognizable on the automotive market around the world.

The country of production of Total motor oil is France. The brand became famous around the world after it began collaborating with major automobile companies such as Peugeot and Citroën.

The Russian manufacturer Lukoil produces various types of motor oils and has been refining petroleum products since the 90s of the last century.

Mobil Oil is a large American corporation. Today it is one of the largest oil companies that produces oil, transports and processes it. Mobil Oil has over 130 years of experience.

This is a manufacturer of automobile oils from Germany. Their product range also includes lubricants and additives. The company offers more than 6,000 products.

A British company that produces motor, transmission oils and other lubricants. Castrol is part of the BP group. An interesting fact is that with the help of lubricants from this brand, 21 speed records were set in the world.

Motul is a company originally from France. It has established itself in the market as a manufacturer of high-quality motor oils and lubricants. The history of the brand goes back more than 160 years.

Previously, ELF was an oil company, but today it is part of the Total corporation. In such a partnership, high-quality products are produced under the brand, because Total is the largest representative in this industry. The brand's products are sold in more than 100

countries of the world.

This is a relatively new brand with production facilities in the Moscow region. Founded in 2015. In 2016, it began producing a line of unique motor oils. These are polymer-based products. The composition contains a friction modifier in the form of nanoceramics. The XPRO line has good performance and meets modern quality standards.

Let's briefly summarize how to spot a fake:

     If there are no identification marks;
     If unique codes are not available in special services;
     If the canister or the images on it are of low quality;
     If the product is too cheap (10-20% cheaper than the market average price);
     If there is a gap of more than one month between the production date and the bottling date.

These factors, as well as knowledge of the best oil manufacturers on the market today, will help you choose a truly high-quality oil and spend your money wisely.

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