Original spare parts for cars, as well as their analogues. What is the system for their selection?


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There are different ways to select the part you need. But the most effective way is to search using the automaker's program, which is original. But only official dealers can use it. Other stores can only offer you an analogue - an original spare part from the manufacturer.

You need to understand that such a selection occurs in 3 points:

     selection according to the original program;
     selection on the manufacturer’s website;
     Comparison of article correspondence.

The correspondence of articles is also called cross code. This means that the two spare parts are completely similar. That is, if your part is unsuitable, you can buy its analogue at an affordable price. Such analogues (cross codes) are collected in separate databases. For example, the TecDoc catalog contains many cross-codes. This method is suitable for ordinary buyers, since it is enough to register the article number of the original part and the database will offer you many options with different pricing policies. You need to understand that all these advantages apply only to official dialogues. If you decide to save money and find a similar catalog yourself, you will most likely find outdated information. We will discuss the danger this poses a little later. So you won’t be able to purchase such a catalog for free, so you should contact a specialist.

So, what are the dangers of an outdated directory? Let's imagine your car is 2016, and the model itself appeared in 2013. At the start of production, the car was presented with one engine, and in 2016 its design was changed. This means that you need a part from 2016. But in the catalog you find, there may not be information about changing the design, especially since you yourself may not know about it. As a result, you order the wrong part, which means wasted money.

Our company will provide you with catalogs containing the most up-to-date information, and our specialists are always happy to advise you on any issue!

You can also find an analogue of a part that has already been removed by the number indicated on it. But you need to understand that sometimes the manufacturer may change the number or the associated part. Such changes can only be noticed in the official catalogue.
What is the difference between a first level cross and a second level cross?

In the event that a non-original part is completely identical to the original one, then the article number of these parts will be the same. Then this part is a first level cross. To create such an analogue, you need to fully study the manufacturer’s documentation and use it to create your own product. Or buy an original spare part and recreate it. Such a process is quite lengthy and labor-intensive.

To save time and money, manufacturers create second-level crosses. You can create such a product in two ways:

     purchase a technical base to create parts from another second-level cross-country manufacturer;
     use characteristics from the catalog without particularly studying the technological side of the issue to create a product.

It is very easy to identify similar manufacturers using the article number. Often they use article numbers of original spare parts, which they use as analogues, only slightly modifying them. For example, the original radiator for the Audi A6 is under article number 60499, and its analogue has article number 530499JP. The similarity can be seen with the naked eye.

It also happens that such companies use the most similar articles to the originals. But often, this can be explained by the fact that little-known brands have taken the products of more well-known manufacturers as their target.

It is worth mentioning the disadvantages of such analogues. The probability that a manufacturer of original spare parts will make a mistake is about 5%, in principle, just as a good manufacturer of analogue parts is just as likely to make an error. But, if an intermediary appears among them - a manufacturer who did not take into account all the technological aspects when creating a spare part, then the risk of acquiring a defect increases sharply. On our website you can find a database of crosses where you can easily find the product you need!
What are compound crosses?

A cross is called composite when a component of the product corresponds to its constituent part. For example, take a situation where another manufacturer provides a seal repair kit for an original brake caliper. This means that between the original and the non-original there will be what is called a composite cross.
Multiple crosses

It happens that a spare part has many articles, then this cross is called multiple. There can be a lot of reasons for this, but the most common is that the part has a main article number, warehouse number and lot number. Therefore, it turns out that the position has 4 articles.
One-way cross

There are also one-sided crosses. Let’s imagine that a radiator designed for a car with air conditioning has plugged up excess holes. They can be purchased for a car without air conditioning, but it won’t work back. This means a cross for such a detail p

It only works in a certain direction.

There are a lot of replacements in the database of analogues that work in different directions. It is easy for an inexperienced client to get confused in such issues, so it is better to turn to specialists.
Where do the same article numbers come from for parts from different manufacturers?

There is nothing completely unique in our world. The same point is present in the auto parts industry. Such situations arise for various reasons. Basically, this is the fact of purchasing a license for a certain part, purchasing a license for a technological line of a certain line of a machine, or the process of acquiring other companies.

If we consider the first example, then the company simply buys parts for use in its machines. This is what SsangYong did when it bought engines from Mercedes. In the second case, the company acquires a license for the entire line of machines. For example, this is how the Mitsubishi Pajero car was born.

Considering the third option, the company absorbs another, which is in a state of bankruptcy. For example, Hyundai took over Kia. As a result, Hyundai-Kia Motors was born.

Very often, companies merge with each other due to the fact that they acquire shares from each other. Therefore, parts from one company can be used in their cars by another, and cross-parts can be similar. For example, Kia had parts that had a part number similar to Mazda.
Who are packers?

Companies specializing in selling cars do not always manufacture them. These are brands - packers who create their own catalogs with their own articles and packaging of parts. But they stuff their packaging with the cheapest possible parts that they buy from manufacturers. Of course, you can do this yourself, but in fact, these companies have already done it for you, offering you a better offer. Let's just say they are just resellers.

You need to understand that making absolutely everything for a car is very difficult. But all brands strive to offer an expanded range, so they test and sell the product under their logo.

Such companies can be divided into the following groups.

Responsible brands make quality products. At such enterprises, the process of manufacturing parts is very long and labor-intensive, so when creating a small batch, it is easier for them to buy high-quality good parts from other brands so as not to reduce their range. In fact, you get the same good product, just under a different name.

The second type is a packager that does not produce parts. Thinking about their reputation, they sell quality goods. These include companies such as: Ruville, JapanParts, Nipparts, Topran or HansPries.

For example, Japan Parts offers high-quality bearings. The Topran brand is famous for its democracy, since it allows its buyer, using the article, to determine from which manufacturer the part will be sent. In the company's catalog, the article is formed from six digits, where three indicate the quality of the spare part.

Firms from the third group also do not have their own production, but order their parts from Chinese factories that produce fakes. It doesn’t even make sense to talk about the level of quality here.

We advise you to pay attention to the services of packers, as they will help you not to get lost in the variety of goods, and the quality of the parts presented in the catalog is constantly checked by the company. The crosses database contains up-to-date information that will help you choose the product you need.
What are the advantages of TecDoc?

This electronic catalog is unique and relevant for any user. It is used by both stores and official dealers. Here you can view a licensed copy of this catalogue.

This product can offer you a huge selection of different parts, where everyone can find the right part at an affordable price.

In this catalog you can find products for various cars. You will be able to get acquainted not only with information about spare parts, but also see photos and applicability to the car, which makes the search easier and more enjoyable. There is also a price comparison function.
Advantages of TecDoc

The catalog contains a lot of advantages. Let's start with the fact that using this database you can search for products automatically. In addition, this database contains current and accurate information.

And also he:

     provides a huge selection of parts;
     makes it possible to select parts in the kit;
     nice design;
     full technical description;
     a large amount of additional information;

It is also important that all manufacturers presented in the catalog are fully tested for manufacturability and reliability of information, which is a kind of guarantor of quality.

The site’s specialists will always be happy to help you and advise you on any issue.
abcp is an excellent platform for selecting parts.

The abcp platform is a place where you can find the right auto part, as well as compare prices and choose the best offer. The site contains a lot of interesting information


The base has very nice functionality. It allows you to customize the search engine, which greatly simplifies the process of selecting parts.
The catalog is updated all the time.

The product can be selected according to the following parameters:

     applicability to cars
     vendor code
     description and many other factors.

This platform is one of the leading ones because it allows you to contact different catalogs and helps you choose the best offer!

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