What should I check first when buying a car?


If the car has been in serious accidents, then, for sure, you do not need such a car, and there is no point in going to a service station and checking its technical condition. In addition, the service station will charge money for checking the car, and you will spend time.

Probably, many people already know that there are such thickness gauges that allow you to find out whether the body elements have been repainted. But not everyone has such a device, because it makes no sense to buy it for the sake of one car purchase every 3-5 years.

In this case, we can help you save time and money. But most importantly, we want to help you buy a quality car. There are always more than 200 cars available in our company, and if nothing suits you and you find a car somewhere else, then we can also help you.

How does this happen?

 You come to our car dealership on any day of the week, at any working time

the car you want to check. And, of course, with the seller of this

cars, if he doesn't mind any checks.

 If you contact any employee of our company , no one will ever tell you

if he refuses, everyone is ready to help you.

 An employee of the company will check the paintwork of the car

a calibrated and verified thickness gauge for the maximum number of points on the machine. Sometimes the body painting is quite high-quality, which will require inspection not only with the help of a device, but also the use of professional experience and knowledge.

Signs of replacement of body elements or their coloring may be different. One of the options is damaged paint on the mounting bolts of the body elements. Or a completely replaced element, which can be determined, for example, by the label of the manufacturer, which differs from the country of manufacture of the machine.

Our specialist gives you an independent assessment of the car's paintwork, after which you decide whether to look at the car further or not. If so, we will do a legal check of some documents of the car and the seller for you.

This check will be included in the cost of the service.

Friends, please contact our company for help in checking the car. This will increase your chances of buying a high-quality car. And I would also like to remind you once again that our goal is to create a civilized market for the sale of vehicles without deception, without lies, without humiliation and rudeness. A market where the seller is not afraid to look into the eyes, and the relationship is built on mutual respect and benefit.

Join our goal. Together we will make this field more honest, simpler and clearer!

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100% quality guarantee
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