Why do you need auto parts crossovers for your auto business? Advantages of cross bases


Selling auto parts is a profitable and, importantly, permanent business. But you can’t just stay afloat; you need to constantly develop and introduce new ideas and work patterns. Having a database of crosses for the modern auto business is simply necessary. After all, if your company does not have the opportunity to use cross-crossing, with a high degree of probability, you will lag behind your competitors. First, let's take a closer look at crosses, and then discuss how the crosses base will benefit you and how to properly implement it into your business.
Cross number: description

Cross is a link between auto parts from different manufacturers. If it exists, then the parts can be replaced with each other in the car. Simply put, spare parts connected by cross-links are analogues. Having a verified database of such numbers is an excellent opportunity to select high-quality analogues of auto parts. As you know, original parts are quite expensive, but the presence of their copies allows you to buy spare parts for your car cheaper, without worrying about quality. After all, not all buyers can afford repairs using expensive original auto parts.
auto parts crosses

During production, each part receives its own unique code - OEM. Different manufacturers may produce the same part, but their OEM code will be different. This confuses sellers and buyers, since the spare parts are identical, but their numbers are different, which makes selection difficult and makes you doubt the choice.

To prevent this from happening, a database of cross numbers is created. In simple words, this is a single list of all interchangeable parts from different manufacturers at different prices. A database of crosses for a car shop is the first thing you need to purchase. This not only helps to avoid confusion, but also expands the range, allows you to retain the client, offering him what he was looking for, but from a different manufacturer and more profitable.
Types of crosses

The difficulty of using cross-crossing in practice is that the numbers obtained during the search are not always complete analogues. There are 3 types of cross numbers:


With straight lines, everything is simple - these are numbers of absolute analogues. Their numbers may differ radically, but in practice the two parts will be 100% identical. Analogs of original auto parts with straight crosses are able to ensure normal operation of the vehicle.
Auto parts crosses

With indirect cross numbers it is a little more complicated, since they define incomplete analogues, but parts included in some assembly. For example, the number Mazda B32H-34-350A hides the suspension arm and ball joint for Mazda 3 cars, which are always sold as a set. But in the database of crosses you can see the part MOOG MD-BJ-4869 - this is a ball joint that is suitable for Mazda 3, but is sold without a lever. Thus, spare parts are interconnected, but cannot replace each other 100%.

One-way crosses are true in only one direction. They cannot be used in reverse. For example, an engine radiator for a car with air conditioning can be used in a car without air conditioning. While the radiator from a car without air conditioning cannot be used in a car with this system. Another typical example is the use of rear shock absorbers. The crossover base can link shock absorbers for a hatchback and a sedan (one car), but they will not be interchangeable. You can only use hatchback shock absorbers on a sedan. If you do the opposite, you may get a breakdown due to the large weight of the hatchback, which puts unnecessary stress on the shock absorbers.

There are quite a lot of one-sided replacements in modern databases. When checking the part number, you may come across both direct and reverse versions of one-way crosses. An inexperienced user may make a mistake when selecting. Therefore, it is important that there be additional technical information in the database.
Auto parts cross-country database
How are cross bases applicable in sales?

If your business is related to the sale of auto parts, you need to quickly respond to consumer requests and provide them with comprehensive information about the applicability and cross-fitting of the part. Therefore, it is very important to have up-to-date databases. You can’t just download the cross-country database of auto parts from the first source you come across. We need to explore all the possibilities.

One of the most famous catalogs is TecDoc. Thanks to strict standards, constant updating and careful selection of manufacturers, TekDoc databases provide the most up-to-date information.

Today, you don't need to buy disks or download huge databases to work with this catalog. In modern conditions, a database of crosses is available online. It is enough to use the functionality of the TekDoc web service or receive data from the catalog using API access. You can order this from our company AvtoIT. We are an official partner of TecAlliance, the company that released TekDoc. It is inexpensive, convenient and easy to use. By purchasing a web service, you get access to the TekDoc website. Paying tariffs

for API access – you can upload your price lists to the catalogue. This database of crosses is also suitable for 1C, since there is the possibility of integration.
Auto parts crosses
The importance of crosses for the auto business

The most important thing that crosses will give you is that an employee working with the buyer can enter the original OEM number (or the article number of a replacement part) in a special field and find analogues, while receiving information about prices, availability, manufacturer, etc. This is quite simple to do for an ordinary website visitor. It is important that the database of cross-numbers for auto parts:

     Updated regularly;
     Contained a large amount of information;
     Was easy to use;
     Provided the possibility of an advanced search for parts (for example, by car VIN code).

TecDoc, which we have already mentioned without crosses, presents manufacturers who have passed the selection process and paid for their placement in the database. All information is placed according to a single standard, so you receive a clear description of each part, technical information, as well as its photo. It is unlikely that you will find “no-name” Chinese analogues of auto parts here. There are other catalogs that can be put into practice with the same success and get all the benefits.

A unique base of crosses is far from a luxury in the modern car market, but an important necessity. With them, you not only attract customers and gain a competitive advantage, but also earn additional profit.

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