World Car of the Year Award: Best Car of the Year Selected


Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and all the measures taken in connection with it, some events are still taking place. For example, the annual World Car of the Year award was held in New York, where the jury chooses the best car of the year.

This year the event took place in a new format – remotely. The results were also announced not at the New York Auto Show, as planned, but separately.

The jury consisted of 86 automotive professionals. To compile the rating, the technical parameters of cars, ergonomics, as well as the popularity of a particular brand were studied.

The rating can be considered objective, since the experts are independent and do not belong to a specific brand. Representatives from different countries assessed the cars fairly and honestly. So, let's find out which models took the leading positions this year.
1st place - Kia Telluride

For many, this choice is not obvious, but the winner of the award was the powerful Telluride SUV from the Kia automaker. This car, which came to us from South Korea, is equipped with a 6-cylinder V-engine.
Kia Telluride

It is interesting that the new product was “launched” back in 2019, but it was in April 2020 that it scored the points necessary for victory - 758.
Winner in two categories: Porsche Taycan

The World Car competition recognized this particular car as the best luxury and sports car at the same time, although these are two different categories. The Taycan battled rivals such as the 911 and 718 from Porsche, as well as the Mercedes-Benz EQC, which is hardly a less-than-luxury sports car.
Porsche Taycan
Best car for the city - Kia Soul EV

No one will argue that the previous two models are excellent cars, but if you are choosing the optimal car for driving in the city, they are hardly suitable. For these purposes, the jury considered the Kia Soul EV model to be the best. At first glance, a simple, unremarkable car, but durable, quite maneuverable and economical. What else do you need for driving in the city? The world famous Mini Cooper SE Electric and the new Volkswagen T-Cross are left behind.
Kia Soul EV
Best Design - Mazda3

Of course, there is no arguing about tastes, but the jury of the annual competition chose the Mazda3, a popular hatchback, as the model with the best design. Competitors included cars such as the Pegeout 208 and Porsche Taycan, and many find it strange how good old Mazda could overtake a luxury German car in this category.

Let's remember which car received the award last year: the Jaguar I-Pace became the best according to the World Car of the Year. In 2018, this place was occupied by the Volvo XC6, and in 2017 Jaguar again, but with the F-Pace model. I wonder which models will make it to the TOP next year?

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